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General Info

Main Line 859-257-3221
Listener Line 859-257-9600
Newsroom 859-257-9859
Internet Address: or 
e-mail address
Postal Address WUKY 340 McVey Hall University of KY, Lexington, KY 40506-0045.

WUKY Staff Directory

Tom Godell
General Manager

  email Tom Godell


Stacy Yelton,
Program Director and Adult Rock Host
Rusty Sharp
Assistant Program Director/Music Coordinator
  email Rusty Sharp
Joe Conkwright,
Announcer/Concert Calendar
  email Joe Conkwright
Anne Deck,
Girls' Night Out/Solo Shots
  email Anne Deck
Mike Graves,
Production Director/Adult Rock Host
  email Mike Graves
Nick Lawrence,
  email Nick Lawrence
Hal Leet,
  email Hal Leet
Chris Nielsen,
  email Chris Nielsen
Bobby Ray,
Crossroads Radio
  email Bobby Ray


Kathleen Adams,
Assistant News Director
  email Kathleen Adams
Alan Lytle,
News Director/Morning Anchor
  email Alan Lytle
Josh James,
News Reporter
  email Josh James


Gail Bennett,
Marketing Manager
  email Gail Bennett
Danielle Montague,
Assistant Marketing Director
  email Danielle Montague
Gil Dunn,
Marketing Consultant
  email Gil Dunn
Ann Neal,
Volunteer Coordinator/Reception/Marketing Assistant
  email Ann Neal

Operations & Engineering

Gordon Brandenburg,
Chief Engineer
  email Gordon Brandenburg
John Lumagui,
Operations Manager
  email John Lumagui

Traffic & Accounting

Lori Horine,
Traffic and Accounting Manager
  email Lori Horine
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