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Well, we're old.  WUKY, NPR@91.3, was the first university-owned FM radio station in America, and Kentucky's first public radio station. We are licensed to the University of Kentucky, and serve Lexington and much of central Kentucky with 95,000 watts at 91.3 FM. We're a non-commercial station airing a wide variety of programs produced by National Public Radio (NPR), Public Radio International (PRI), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and by our own local producers, DJs, and news people, as well as other sources.

We started life on March 13, 1941, as WBKY, operating with a mere 100 watts, in Beattyville, KY. In 1945, WBKY came to Lexington, and increased in size and stature, as well as staff and operating hours.

WUKY helped create National Public Radio, and was one of the first stations to carry NPR's "All Things Considered" when it debuted in 1971. In 1989, WBKY changed its call letters to WUKY to better reflect its affiliation with the University of Kentucky.

WUKY boasts an amazing array of programs. NPR programs, including  "Morning Edition," "All Things Considered," "Fresh Air," and "Car Talk" dominate our schedule.  We also carry offerings as diverse as "Prairie Home Companion," "This American Life," "The Grateful Dead Hour," and more.

Music on WUKY runs from the sublime to the rebellious. We are a Triple A (also known as Adult Rock or Progressive Music) station, airing that format over 40 hours per week.  We report to two major trade publications;  Album Network and Friday Morning Quarterback.   Our specialty music shows encompass Women's Music, Americana, Ambient, and even Opera.  Click here to see our program schedule.

WUKY is supported by its membership: listeners who regularly give their financial support to the station. And to them we say, "Thanks!" We also thank our program underwriters, the University of Kentucky, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, who, with our members, keep listener-supported radio, 91.3 WUKY, afloat.

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